2024: New Year New Ways

Jan 04 2024

Many of us start a new year with resolutions and changes we vow to implement to make this new year better than the last one. Individuals are not the only ones who should reflect on the past year and determine how to make things better in the new year. Boards of directors should do the same thing—especially when the members of the board are managing a community where people live and spend so much time! The members of the community association’s team can help the board of directors determine what can be done differently in 2024 to make it better for all. Members of boards for community associations that are professionally managed are urged to engage in a dialogue with their management team about what changes should be implemented in 2024.

To get you started, the attorneys at Keough & Moody put together a list of changes to be considered for your community association and us at K&M, too!

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