What in the World is this Corporate Transparency Act?

The Blog was Posted on Feb 09 2024 by admin
The Corporate Transparency Act is federal legislation which was enacted in 2021 to address the use of somewhat anonymous corporate structures to commit money laundering and other similar financial crimes. […]

2024: New Year New Ways

The Blog was Posted on Jan 04 2024 by admin
Many of us start a new year with resolutions and changes we vow to implement to make this new year better than the last one. Individuals are not the only […]

Discrimination: A Claim That Must be Taken Seriously

The Blog was Posted on Dec 11 2023 by admin
This past year or two, we have seen more lawsuits filed in the circuit courts of Illinois by unit owners against community associations, individual board members, and/or management companies than […]

Sign(s) of the Times

The Blog was Posted on Nov 10 2023 by admin
When you walk down the street in your neighborhood, at one point or another you will come across a sign in someone’s yard or property. Whether this sign is in […]

Recusing and Excusing Board Members

The Blog was Posted on Oct 05 2023 by admin
Illinois law is clear that members of a board of directors of a common interest community association have a fiduciary duty to the association, and to its members. This means […]

September Already??!!

The Blog was Posted on Sep 07 2023 by admin
2023 is flying by!  It is now September!  School is back in session (at least in most areas) and community association managers and board members are fully entrenched in budget […]

Refresher on Enforcing an Association’s Restrictions

The Blog was Posted on Aug 02 2023 by admin
Every community association has owners that violate the association’s community instruments. To ensure harmony and cohesiveness and to help avoid problems, the board of directors must enforce the restrictions contained […]

New Licensing Rules for Property Management Firms

The Blog was Posted on Jul 11 2023 by admin
While Community Association Managers or CAMs (individuals who serve as property managers) have long been required to maintain a license with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (“IDFPR”), […]

Tips for Assessing Charges to an Owner’s Account

The Blog was Posted on Jun 08 2023 by admin
As community associations are not-for-profit corporations, collecting money due and owing to these communities is critical. Over the years, K&M has written many articles and participated in many presentations about […]

Common Restrictions or Rules: Do They Help? Are They Needed?

The Blog was Posted on May 03 2023 by admin
It is not uncommon when drafting an amendment to a declaration or to rules and regulations to have a member of the board of directors or management say to us […]

PERSONAL COMMENTARIES DURING OPEN BOARD MEETINGS: Avoiding Unnecessary Headaches and (Potential) Legal Actions Based on Association Representative

The Blog was Posted on Apr 07 2023 by admin
We’ve all been there, whether it be in our personal or professional lives; said something that we wish we could take back. Understandably, and as the common saying goes, nobody […]

Maintaining Safety in Your Community

The Blog was Posted on Mar 09 2023 by admin
Every day when we turn on the news, we hear about crime. This makes one managing a multi-family community stop and ask, “Are we safe?”

What is Going on in Community Association Law Around the Country?

The Blog was Posted on Feb 13 2023 by admin
Dawn and Gabby recently attended CAI’s 44th Annual Community Association Law Seminar in New Orleans. We always enjoy attending these seminars as it is a great opportunity to connect with […]

New Year-New Ways

The Blog was Posted on Jan 06 2023 by admin
Last month’s newsletter included a wish list created by our attorneys. It is now time to turn those wishes into reality. The following are “new ways” or resolutions we recommend […]

Wish List for 2023

The Blog was Posted on Dec 12 2022 by admin
It seems like just yesterday, we were starting 2022 and now, the year is almost over! It is a time to be thankful for all that 2022 had to offer […]

Winter is Coming – Is Your Association Ready?

The Blog was Posted on Nov 09 2022 by admin
Ready or not, winter is just around the corner. There are things associations can do now, before the first deep freeze and before the first snowfall, to make sure they […]

Notice of Violations 101

The Blog was Posted on Oct 09 2022 by admin
Complaints are on the rise as people spend more time at home. This means more notices of violations are being sent out to alleged violators. Too often, we see a […]

Keough & Moody Webinar – “Everything said can and WILL be used against you in a court of law.”

The Blog was Posted on Sep 13 2022 by admin
Join Gabby Comstock and Dawn Moody on Wednesday, October 12,2022 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., for a discussion about all that is said by a member of the board […]

Legislative Update and Owner Disputes

The Blog was Posted on Jul 12 2022 by admin
For those community associations bound by the Illinois Condominium Property Act and the Common Interest Community Association Act, both Acts have recently been amended. Effective May 27, 2022, owners are […]

Collecting Unpaid Assessments

The Blog was Posted on Jun 07 2022 by admin
It is best for all community associations to review their delinquencies on a regular basis. Staying ahead of delinquencies not only helps the association but also can help the delinquent […]