Sign(s) of the Times

Nov 10 2023

When you walk down the street in your neighborhood, at one point or another you will come across a sign in someone’s yard or property. Whether this sign is in support of a sports team, local school, or a political candidate, it is almost impossible to avoid seeing them. The prevalence of homeowners installing signs, especially over the last few years, seems to have increased tenfold, especially as it relates to signs, which can be viewed as political, and there is no sign of this trend slowing. As a result, more than ever before associations are struggling to determine not only what restrictions should be implemented, but also what can legally be enforced. Trust us when we say, we, as, attorneys have also struggled with this issue. While there is no perfect solution, we hope that we can provide, at a minimum, considerations for boards to discuss in determining whether your association should adopt (or modify) rules regarding signs and if so, to what extent.

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