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At Keough & Moody, P.C., our Illinois HOA attorneys provide a full range of legal services to homeowners’ associations, condo associations, and community boards. Since 1993, we have worked tirelessly to protect the rights of our clients and help them find the best available solution. For a fully private initial consultation with an experienced HOA/condo law attorney, please contact us today by calling 630.369.2700.

What is an HOA/Condo Lawyer?

An HOA/condo attorney is a legal professional that focuses on community association law. A community association is a non-governmental body made up of participating members. The most common examples include condo associations, townhome associations, and HOAs. For the most part, HOA law and condominium association law is governed at the state and municipal level—meaning parties need representation from a local attorney.

How Can an HOA/Condo Lawyer Help?

Our Chicago HOA and condo law attorneys provide comprehensive services to community organizations and community boards in Illinois. We can help assist you with anything from drafting foundational governing documents to handling litigation with individual unit owners. Among other things, our HOA lawyers have experience with:

  • Drafting of community association documents;
  • HOA contract review;
  • Condominium contract review;
  • Modification of HOA/condo documents;
  • Interpretation and guidance regarding governing documents;
  • Handling matters related to the appointment of board members;
  • Enforcement of property restrictions;
  • Sending of HOA violation notices;
  • Implementation and collection of special assessments;
  • Response to HOA dispute letters;
  • Collection of unpaid assessments;
  • HOA/condo eviction actions;
  • Foreclosure of HOA/condo liens; and
  • Representation during mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

What is an HOA Dispute Letter?

An HOA dispute letter refers to any written notice received by a community association board that describes an individual member’s complaint or contains a threat of legal action. It is imperative that HOA/condo boards know how to effectively respond to dispute letters. A proactive approach can make all of the difference. If your association recently received a dispute letter, contact an attorney for HOA disputes for immediate assistance.

How Will a Lawyer Help with Unpaid Assessments?

HOAs and condo associations have a legal responsibility to collect financial assessments. Only with incoming assessments can the community continue to function. If too many members fall behind, even basic maintenance and repairs can become impossible. It is always best to take immediate action to collect unpaid balances. The longer a delinquent assessment is allowed to linger, the more challenging it can be to recover the full amount that is owed. An experienced homeowners’ association lawyer can help an association take action to recover unpaid assessments. Among other things, this could include:

  • Getting a lien on the delinquent unit owners’ property;
  • Obtaining an Order of Possession through an eviction action; and
  • Taking action to foreclose on the property, including pursuing post-judgment foreclosure payment.

If you represent an association seeking to collect delinquent assessments, we are prepared to help. Our Chicago HOA/condo lawyers understand the not-for-profit nature of HOAs/condo and are focused on providing cost effective representation, collecting unpaid assessments in the most efficient manner possible.

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At Keough & Moody, P.C., our HOA lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced advocates for community associations. If you have questions about HOA law in Illinois, we are here to help. To arrange a completely confidential, no obligation consultation, please contact our law firm today. From our office locations in Chicago, Naperville and Tinley Park, we represent HOAs and condo associations throughout all of Northern Illinois.

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Keough & Moody, P.C. is an Illinois law firm providing full-service representation to condominium, townhome and homeowners’ associations. With convenient offices located in Chicago, Naperville and Tinley Park, we represent community associations throughout all of Northern Illinois. Our attorneys and staff take pride in providing personalized service to each and every client which allows us to obtain results quickly for our clients. We currently represent over 1,000 condominium, townhome and homeowner’s association throughout the state of Illinois and our attorneys have combined for over 100 years of legal experience in the area of Condo & HOA Law. Contact Keough & Moody today for any of your community association needs.